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What is a multichannel marketing system?

A multichannel marketing system is a combination of a variety of media to communicate with clients. Media channels range from websites to printed publications, TV advertising, email, social media, etc. A company can use as many channels as it feels appropriate in order to get the message across the widest audience possible.

What is multichannel marketing? We should start by explaining what multichannel marketing is. Multichannel marketing synchronizes a marketing strategy across traditional (print, TV, direct mail, etc.) and internet channels (social media, apps, email, webs, etc.). Whereas with traditional channels companies decide how, when and where the audience will receive the information, with internet channels it is the potential customer who decides how and when they will access the company information. Therefore, companies are realizing that clients are increasingly taking the control of the company or product information by reviewing, commenting and comparing products or services information through internet channels.

How to choose the right communication channels? To reach potential customers, companies need developing an effective presence in all relevant channels. However, although clients may communicate via an increasing number of channels, it is not necessary for a company to use every available channel for every marketing campaign. Companies must analyse and monitor the way customers communicate with them or how they interact with the company (i.e. social media, company website, etc.). In this way, the customers’ channel preferences will be identified and they will dictate where a presence is needed. This new way of interacting (i.e. communicating) with customers is a great opportunity for companies to offer a personalized service. Thanks to the existent technology, customers can now be given a greater choice in how they obtain information and buy products. Marketers can build on that element of preferred choice by monitoring customers’ behaviour and by adapting their communications to their individual preferences.

What is a multichannel marketing system? A multichannel marketing system is simply the presence a company builds in any offline or online marketing channels. This presence must be consistent, relevant and effective. Prior to building a multichannel marketing strategy, analysis and monitoring of customer-company interaction must take place in order to choose the more relevant communication channels. Multichannel marketing is gaining importance amongst companies and marketers because customers are changing the way product information is obtained and shared. They research information online, check comparison websites, buy online, review products on websites and influence the attitude of potential buyers with their opinions and behaviours. Customers also expect companies to provide information they can access via the internet, smartphones or other mobile devices. For a multichannel marketing system to be successful, a company must have an effective presence in all the relevant channels. If the marketing strategy goes in line with an appropriate and effective multichannel marketing system, companies can develop relevant marketing offers and personalize communication with customers via their preferred channel, helping to improve relationships and, ultimately, sales. The potential of multichannel marketing to improve sales is overwhelming. Companies now have the opportunity to reach a widest audience or to give customers the option of purchasing through the preferred channel. An effective multichannel strategy gives more options for building sales and for expanding a business.

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