Content Writing

I offer a wide variety of content writing and copywriting services in English and Spanish. I specialise in SEO content writing.

I can polish your current site to make it more relevant for search engine searches while keeping the text flow or I can create new a fresh content from scratch for your newly-created website.

Where can I use the content
Adwords ads

I plan, structure, conceive and create successful content for your website with optimisation in mind. By successful, I mean that it will work not just for search engines but for readers as well.

I know how to catch the reader’s attention by using relevant links where needed, images and an easy-to-scan through content. You can find out more on how I do that by reading my blog post “How to write successful content for the web”.

I will include Alt tags and licensed images if required, as well as internal links that will flow naturally within the text.

If you are carrying out or planning to have an online marketing campaign but have no time or the skills to write creative ads which work for search engines and users, let me do that for you!

I know all about length requirements, where to include a call for action and how to use the right words to attract visitors (i.e. potential clients) to your site.

Check the Multilingual Keyword Research section to find out more on how that helps writing successful advertisements for Adwords.


Do you want to maintain your website’s blog because you know how important that is for your website to rank well but have no time to invest in updating it? Here is where my content writing skills will come useful to you and your company.

I can update your blog as often as you wish (ideally, at least once a week) with relevant and widely researched content that will go in line with your marketing strategy.

I use relevant multimedia content in my blog posts to make them interesting for your readers as well as keeping SEO techniques in mind when I create the articles.

Product descriptions

Have you just created a Prestashop or e-shop and have lots of descriptions to add to your list of products?

I deliver technical and marketing oriented product descriptions with well-researched terminology that you can include in your online shop or catalogue.

Your clients will have all the information they need about your products to be inspired to make a purchase.

Descriptions can vary between 50 and 500 words and be as technical or standard as you wish.