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Mutilingual Search Engine Optimization

If you have invested in translating your website into a language to target a new market, you probably want your newly translated content to reach the right audience. The most important thing about a website is the content which needs to be relevant, useful and findable.


This is why is paramount to translate and adapt your website content according to your target audience and a translator with SEO expertise will know which words (keywords) to use so that the translated content ticks all the relevant boxes.


I use keyword research, ranking monitors and keyword suggestion online tools to find out keyword spikes and trends on the target market. I also carry out a competitor research and all the information gathered is used to our advantage when translating the content of a website.

What can you do for me
Optimize mono or multi-lingual web content.
Research and analyse keywords.
Monitor websites using Google & Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.
Produce exhaustive reports for establishing a SEO strategy.
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