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Multilingual SEO 

If you have invested in translating your website into a language to target a new market, you probably want your newly translated content to reach the right audience. The most important thing about a website is the content which needs to be relevant, useful and findable.


This is why is paramount to translate and adapt your website content according to your target audience and a translator with SEO expertise will know which words (keywords) to use so that the translated content ticks all the relevant boxes.

SEO consultancy
SEO consultancy

I can produce a bespoke report for your company website covering all the aspects of SEO which includes the keyword and competitor research in both the source and selected target languages. 

If you already have a website but SEO techniques have not been applied to it yet, I will give you all the keys about what you need to do for your website to rank better on search engines.

Website localisation
Website localisation

Website localisation is the process of customising a website for visitors from different regions or countries

It is the process of adapting aspects of the website, other than the text, to work for an specific cultural group. 

In an online shop, for example, localising currencies, dates, times, units of measurements is paramount for the website success.

Content optimisation
Content optimisation

Content optimisation is the process of making a website attractive to both search engines and visitors.  We can say that it transforms the keyword research into readable text that influences a website's ability to rank well in search results.

I focus on extensive keyword research for your industry and your target market before tackling the website content optimisation and I implement it homogeneously on the website visible and invisible, yet paramount, elements. 

Keyword Research
Keyword research

I use several keyword research tools, ranking monitors and keyword suggestion online tools to find out keyword spikes and trends on the target market.

I also carry out a competitor research and all the information gathered is used to our advantage when translating the content of a website.

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