Hi! I'm Marimar.

I'm a translator, SEO consultant & copywriter.

But instead of talking about me, let's start talking about you, why you are reading this and why this website can be useful for you.

Just like you, I am trying to get myself noticed in the online world and that's why I created this humble website to try and reach a wider audience.


If you are reading this, you are likely to want to expand your business and/or internationalise it. You know that the internet and a well-adapted website is probably the best tool available at the moment to achieve that but, you need to create a functional content that works effectively in your target market and that enable potential customers to find your site. Oh, and you may need to do that in a foreign language!


Here is where I might have it a bit easier because I understand how Search Engine Optimization works, I can decipher and interpret the ever-changing search engine algorithms and I am also able to handle several languages at a professional level.


                         But how are my skills going to help your business; what do I do?









            These skills are the result of an intense work and life experience; who am I?













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I happened to be born in a beautiful corner of the Earth where 3 languages are widely spoken (Spanish, Basque and French); I have lived in 5 countries over the last 15 years so I got to learn English and Italian too; I am a voracious reader and an ardent writer; I am curious (very curious!) and I love studying. I always say that if I got paid for studying, that'll be my ideal full-time job!



I have an MA in Translation by the University of the West of England (Bristol) and a BA in Business and Administration by the Universidad del País Vasco (Basque Country).


I am a certified Web Analyst by Google Analytics and I followed Google's Partner Certification programme to train on Google Adwords. I own both the Google Adwords Fundamentals and Display Advertising Advanced certifications. I also use Google and Bing's Webmaster Tools for SEO purposes.


Some of the tools I use for my work are Trados, OmegaT, InDesign, Content Management Systems (Joomla and Wordpress), Notepad++ and I have a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript.


The most important question is how can my skills and experience help you?


Don't worry, I'm not going to use any techie jargon to explain it. I speak your language!


  • I can make your website easy to find on the internet.

  • I can help you adapt your business marketing strategy to an online or foreign audience... or both.

  • I can deal with anything from translating or producing company literature to restructuring and planning website content.

  • I can create engaging content which works for both your target audience and search engines.

  • I can analyse your current website to see why you aren't getting the desired results and outline a new SEO strategy for you.

  • I can research new business opportunities abroad.

  • ...

Basically, anything which has to do with WORDS + LANGUAGES + ONLINE MARKETING

Most of the projects are carried out by me. However, I do work with other professional translators when working into English, French and Italian or assignments involving German or Russian. Amongst us, we cover all the main European Languages.


Flexibility and adaptability are my two qualities most valued by my clients, and here you are some  testimonials to prove it.


If you'd like to read more about me, visit my LinkedIn page.


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