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SEO Analysis Report

If you already have a website but search engine optimisation techniques have not been applied to it yet, this report will give you all the keys to know what needs to be done to improve your website ranking on search engines without having to go through all the theory and research process.


I will do this for free. What will you get?

  • A bespoke analysis and report so that you know where to start from.

  • I will highlight recommendations on how to improve ranking and website structure.


Please note that I will only do one webpage of your website (this is usually the main page or the services/product page).


You will get your report as a PDF file and I will not charge you for it. Afterwards, if you want to partner with me to implement the improvements, great! If not, you are free to take your report and work on the improvements yourself or with someone else.

  • Current keyword assessment.

  • Estimated web traffic.

  • Assessment of social media presence.

  • Mobile website optimization.

  • Meta optimization.

  • Robots.txt file.

  • Meta description.

  • Page titles.

  • Duplicated content.

  • Graphical elements meta data.

  • Content freshness.

  • Linked content.

  • Page Rank.

  • Loading time / speed.

  • Web usability.

  • Broken links.

  • Custom 404.

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