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Who is Marimar?


OK, so you read about my qualifications, education and some of my past projects but we all know that it takes more than a good academic background to be able to help clients achieve what the aim for.

It takes a lot of effort, a lot of learning from mistakes made in the past and a lot of determination and enthusiasm.

This page will let you know at a glance what professional skills I have developed throughout my working life and I can assure you I use them all to help your business get where you want it to be!

Professional Skills
  • Creative approach.

  • Diplomatic interpersonal skills.

  • Flexible.

  • Good ability to explain and deliver SEO insight in a clear and non-technical manner to non-SEO experts.

  • Use SEO best practices and techniques.

  • Aware of the ever-changing search engine technologies and SEO methods and news.

  • Highly organized with a logical approach to managing work volume and priorities.

  • Proactive to make suggestions and recommendations.

  • Focused on delivering the agreed client strategy.


Personal Skills
  • I deliver all projects with an open smile. Ask my references!

  • Patient.

  • Highly-organised.

  • Hard-working.

  • I think outside the box.

  • Approachable.

  • Communicative.

  • Easygoing and friendly.

  • Curious.

Some interests
  • Sociology and anthropology. Women's issues & inequalities.

  • Travelling, navigation and orienteering.

  • Reading, writing, independent cinema and lots of different styles of music.

  • Hill-walking, hiking, cycling, scuba-diving, snorkeling and racket sports.

  • Crafts and international cooking.

  • Enjoying quality time with friends and family.

  • People-watching.

  • Scandinavian culture.

  • Gabriel García-Márquez.

  • Gaudí.

  • I'm an amateur video maker and editor. I've also written scripts for a couple of short films!

  • I'm an associate at Rato Baltin Project where we help eradicate chhaupadi in Nepal and a child sponsor at Fundación Vicente Ferrer

  • ...

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